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Utility Bills

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The utility bills for Water and Sewer are issued four times per year.    

Payments (please click here for information on payment options during Temporary Office Closure)

         If so, please complete the email consent form and drop it off to the Service Centre at 4 Doyle Drive or fax to 506-357-2266 or email the signed form to

You can now make payments for garbage disposal services and water and sewer services on-line, via Service New Brunswick secure payment service.  By phone, you can also call SNB TeleServices toll free at 1 888 762-8600 or in person at the nearest Service New Brunswick office.

Finance Office
Municipal Building
4 Doyle Drive
Oromocto, NB
E2V 2V3 


Whether you are moving out of or into another residence,  you are required to pay your final bill.  The Town will coordinate the final water/sewer meter reading. For more information regarding your move, contact us at 506-357-4400.   

Rates and Fees

The Town of Oromocto and Base Gagetown share a longstanding and unique partnership.  One element of this partnership is that the Base Gagetown Water Treatment Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant have been serving the Base and the Town since 1963 and 1954, respectively.  In essence, the Base is the Town’s water supplier.  Water and sewerage costs to the Town have significantly increased in the past five years (50% for water and 67% for sewerage).  The other cost driver is the maintenance costs of the distribution system, operated by the Town, which have doubled in five years.  The current billing system was simply no longer sustainable.

In order to offset these rising costs, the Town will be introducing a new fixed service fee in 2021.  This service fee practice aligns with other jurisdictions to address the costs of maintaining, servicing and renewing the Town’s water and sewerage infrastructure.  This quarterly fee is also being implemented to invoice customers appropriately for the costs of the water and sewerage systems, and will help to reduce rate volatility. Therefore, a quarterly fixed service fee of $30 will be phased in over 5 years, beginning in 2021.  This year’s fee has been approved for 2021 at $6 per quarter.  Each subsequent year the fee will be reviewed during Council’s budgeting process and moving to the next phase will require Council’s approval. 

Water and Sewerage Utilities in Oromocto are based on water consumption and a fixed service fee billed on a quarterly basis.  Our water meters are read manually each quarter, (currently civilian housing have an estimated bill in February each year) with invoices being created the 1st of February, May, August and November.
The water consumption rates will remain unchanged in 2021.

$7.95 per 1000 gallons (Imperial Water Meter)
$1.75 per cubic metre (Metric Meter)
$93.17 unmetered water supply per quarter
$50.00 temporary disconnect fee
$100.00 reconnection fee​

$7.95 per 1000 gallons
$1.75 per cubic metre
$93.17 unmetered water supply per quarter

2% interest for unpaid invoices will be added per month or part of month

How to Read Your Meter

For more information on how to read your meter, click here.

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