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2020 Municipal Budget(s) for the Town of Oromocto

Town Council held a public budget consultation meeting on the 15 October 2019.  Information from that session was gathered and considered as administration completed their respective budget priorities.  On Tuesday, 10 December 2019 the Chief Administrative Officer then presented the proposed 2020 Budget and finally on Thursday, 12 December 2019, Town Council approved the 2019 Budgets.


2020 Municipal Budget - Public Presentation to Council


Municipal Budgeting FAQs


What exactly is a budget?

A planned itemized summary of money coming into the Town and how that money will be spent over a specified period of time.  

Did you know?

The Provincial Government legislates that money coming into a municipality must equal money going out.  This is also known as a balanced budget!

What is the difference between an operating and capital budget?

Operating budget:

Capital budget:

How are municipal services funded?

The majority of the municipal revenue is raised through property taxes, and legally the accounts cannot go into deficit.  Additional non-tax revenue sources come from facility and program fees, service fees, leases, licenses, permits and fines as well as grants, including a payment in lieu of taxes from the federal government. 

What is Assessment Growth?

What are Reserves & Reserve Funds?


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