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Redemption Centres


New Brunswick's Beverage Containers Program was put in place to reduce the amount of waste which goes to our landfills, or ends up being littered along our roadsides and waterways. Several other provinces and American states also operate beverage container programs. There are currently 78 beverage container redemption centres processing approximately 300 million empty beverage containers annually. For more information about this provincial program, please click here.

Local Redemption Centres
Two local redemption centres are operated by Resource Recovery Inc - 70 Timothy Avenue, Hanwell, NB  E3C 2B8 (506) 450-9247 Email:  The centres provide beverage container redemption services and they also accept household paint and spray paint for recycling which must be in original containers with labels on.  They also accept E Waste such as computers and components, tvs and components and phones.  For more information, click here.


Another centre is operated by Best Metals Bottle Exchange, 320 Wilsey Road, Fredericton Industrial Park, full drive thru service  (506) 453-1020.


- Tri-R Redemption Centre (1997) located at 16 Lewis Street, Oromocto, NB  Offers full-drive thru service centre.  Accesible loading door to accommodate bottle drives as well.  Accepts food grade glass bottles/jars for recycling.  

Fredericton Area - Southside Redemption Centre located at 70 Timothy Avenue South, Hanwell, Northside Redemption Centre is located at 213 MacFarlane Street, Fredericton and Best Metals Bottle Exchange, 320 Wilsey Road, Fredericton Industrial Park.


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