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Development Services

The Town of Oromocto's development services team provides customer service to residents, developers, builders and others involved in the planning, design and construction of our Town.

As the Town's Development Officer, the Director of Planning and Compliance has been appointed by Council resolution as per the Community Planning Act for the Province of New Brunswick to administer the land-use by-laws within the Town.  The Development Officer also:

Subdivision By-Law

A plan of subdivision provides for a parcel of land to be legally divided to establish new public streets as well as to divide land into multiple lots or blocks.

The Town of Oromocto has the authority to review and approve plans of subdivision. The municipality has been delegated this responsibility by the Province of New Brunswick under the Community Planning Act.

Zoning By-Law
The  Zoning By-Law governs the land use and occupancy of property within the Town.  Any change in the land use of your property may require the approval of the Development Officer.  The following activities are only a few examples of activities requiring approval; i.e. music lessons, dance studio, business office, medical office, auto repair, tailoring, day care, etc.  Please contact the Planning Office for further clarification.


If the Development Officer does not approve a development, the applicant may have the right to appeal to the Planning Advisory Committee and/or the Provincial Planning Appeal Board.  Plese contact the Planning and Compliance Office for further clarification.


December 12 2024

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