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Request for Expressions of Interest


The new Municipal Plan for the Town of Oromocto (adopted in March 2016) places a high priority on creating a greater diversity of housing choices for an aging population.  The intent is to retain and attract current and new citizens who are seeking housing that will alllow them to stay in their own homes post retirement and for many years to come.  As such, the Town is now ready to move forward with housing developments that will be noteworthy for the advantages of affordability, a barrier-free design and the potential for low to no effort for property upkeep and maintenance.  

The Opportunity

The Town has designated three,Town-owned properties for this purpose and is now seeking development partners to design, build and potentially manage the new housing options.

Desired Outcomes

The desired diversity of housing choices includes housing in medium density (single level, 2-4 units per structure) and high density (multi-level and more than 4 units per structure) configurations.  The dewelling units must be designed in accordance with modern and generally accepted standards for accesible house design that ensure the units are suitable for aging in place, such as the CMHC FlexHousing concept.  A garage or other indoor parking space for each unit must be provided.

To view a copy of the Request for Expressions of Interest, click here.


December 14 2023

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