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Understanding your Water and Sewer Bill

  • 2023-03-08

Your Town of Oromocto utility bill comes every quarter and covers the fixed and variable costs associated with your water consumption and wastewater going to sewer.  The Service Fee (fixed) helps cover costs for building and maintaining the water/sewer infrastructure, services for meter reading, billing and other customer service activities.  The consumption charge (variable) pays for how much water you actually used, and the wastewater treated at wastewater treatment plants.

2023 Rates

With the demands for infrastructure renewal, there is a need to increase the fixed water/sewer rate from $12 per quarter to $37 per quarter in order to sustain the service.  There will, however, be no increase to the water consumption rates. Rates are reviewed annually by Council during the budgeting process.  The budget process includes a public budget consultation in October and a public budget presentation in November.  This increase was passed at Regular Session of Council on 17 November 2022 as part of the approved 2023 budget.

2023 Water and Wastewater Cost Comparison

Fixed and variable charges can be very different from one municipality to the next, depending on how complex water and wastewater systems are and history of maintenance and upgrades performed.  Here are a couple of examples of rates in near by municipalities using 50m3 as an average household quarterly consumption.


Average Quarterly Billing

Fixed Charge - quarterly

Variable Charge

New Maryland












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December 12 2024

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