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Town Council Addresses Use of Trans Canada Trail by Off-Road Vehicles

  • 2020-06-05

Now that the weather has warmed up, many residents are out exploring our trails and wetlands.  Recently, though, we have received a number of complaints from individuals witnessing the misuse of some of those areas by off-road motorized vehicles.

Most of the complaints we receive are related to off-road vehicles driving illegally on the Trans Canada Trail that runs from the Oromocto Train Bridge to the Oromocto First Nation and of off-road vehicles driving on the road.  Council takes these safety concerns seriously and consequently asked staff to develop an action plan to address these matters.  Actions are now underway to install four safety gates; post warning signs; install two trail cameras; and increase the off-road vehicle enforcement along the trail. These measures are for your own safety and that of others.  For a copy of the action plan, click here.

The RCMP prioritize their services on data, so reporting is important.  Please report whatever information you can to the provincial Off-Road Vehicle Enforcement Unit at 1-877-449-2244 or and the RCMP at 1-888-506-RCMP (7267). It would be very helpful if you can report the day, time, location, and the description of the individual and the vehicle, including license plate, if possible. 

Quad NB (formerly ATV NB) has an outstanding network of trails for off-road vehicles, the Town of Oromocto is working on developing its own.  The Town is working closely with QuadNB and the two local associations to establish an authorized trail.  This project involves multiple stakeholders and work should begin shortly on improvements to the proposed trail that will follow closely to the current authorized snowmobile trail.

We ask that everyone follow the rules and respect everyone’s safety by driving on authorized trails only.




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