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Senior Respite Care Needs Survey

  • 2023-07-11

Please consider completing the below short survey to assess the current senior respite care needs in the Oromocto and surrounding areas. This information is critical to provide appropriate programs for seniors.

Respite care could be an immediate need or for the future, to combat caregiver burnout and keep seniors in their homes longer. This is not only more cost efficient for the government and Department of Social Development, but it is an actual aging in place initiative and strategy!

This assessment is intended to gather data to report to the Department of Social Development for the implementation and subsidization of an adult day program in the Town of Oromocto.


Participation can be anonymous, however, if you choose to provide contact information for more details, it will never be shared without your consent."

Please forward and share this link with your colleagues, friends, and family to ensure we accurately capture the current respite care needs for the Oromocto and surrounding areas. After all, we are an Age Friendly Community!

December 12 2024

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