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Season's Greetings and Happy New Year

  • 2020-12-17

Front row: Deputy Mayor Jeff Kirkbride, Mayor Bob Powell; second row: Councillor Lorraine Dawe, Councillor Sheridan Mawhinney and Councillor Kelly Murdock.  Missing: Councillor Alex Zaporzan

 While 2020 has been a challenging year around the world, life has been relatively calm and bright in Oromocto.   One only has to drive down our streets to see what appears to be more homes than ever decorated for the holidays as we all try to find ways to keep spirits high.

We know that these holidays will be different, with families not able to visit loved ones to the same degree as normal, and with the pandemic ever on our minds.  We can thank each other for our kindness and tolerance while we respect the Public Health guidelines.

This Christmas, the health-care workers will be on our minds - you kept working in 2020 during unprecedented times.  So too did our first responders.  And of course the retail staff that ensured we had access to our groceries and other needs.  Our local business owners, volunteers, community residences - everyone demonstrated such an incredible level of resiliency.  Town staff quietly and expertly provided all services to our residents.  We have so much and so many to appreciate - if you are able, I encourage you to reach out and thank someone.  

For those military families separated from their home community or with a deployed partner or parent, we hope you find a way to connect with your loved ones despite the distance. 

Indeed, this year has been unique, but good things have been happening in our community: we are growing - there are new garden homes that have been built, new subdivisions planned, a new apartment complex under construction, a new French-language school opened, and there are even more development activities planned for the new year.   If public health allowed it, our facilities and parks were open.  Our roads have been improved.  Our coaches and volunteers figured out how to support their leagues.  Our teachers adapted to a new year.  The golf course, marina and all our parks are in great shape.  

We will keep the roads clear of snow this winter, while the rest of us anticipate a warm  spring, a vaccine, and the future success of our local and resilient businesses!

On behalf of Council, I am wishing everyone in our Town a

Merry Christmas     Joyeux Noël     Woli Nipayimiyam


Mayor Robert (Bob) Powell



December 12 2024

Regular Session of Council

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