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Oromocto to Join NB Power's eCharge Network

  • 2020-10-13

Featured in photo is John Jackson, Director of Planning and Compliance and Mayor Bob Powell.


Oromocto Joins NB Power’s eCharge Network with the Activation of its Fast-Charging Station 

The Town of Oromocto has made an historical investment in green infrastructure as it officially activates its first, municipally-owned electric vehicle fast-charging station.  Located in the municipal building parking lot, the addition of this charging station brings the total number within the Town to three.  

“Sustainable green infrastructure is a strategic priority for Council. This municipal EV fast-charging station, will be added to the other 2 on the NB Power’s eCharge Network within the Town, offering our visitors and residents with more options to charge and drive zero-emission vehicles that are cleaner and greener and aid in reducing our carbon footprint,” said Mayor Robert Powell.

Earlier this year the Town’s Planning and Compliance department added a new EV to the Town’s fleet, replacing its gas-powered vehicle.  EVs produce less or zero GHG emissions.  NB Power reports on average in New Brunswick, battery only electric vehicles cost about $500 per year to fuel with electricity compared to over $2,000 in gas costs for an internal combustion engine car.  By making the switch to an electric vehicle, the department also expects to reduce its CO2 emissions by approximately 80%.  The Town will monitor the cost savings with a view to move from traditional fuels to cleaner choices that will power its future while lowering operational costs.

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