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Oromocto Becomes Part of QuadNB Trails’ Network

  • 2020-11-17

The Town of Oromocto and the Rusagonis ATV Club #45 are pleased to announce the opening of a portion of the Oromocto trail that connects to the QuadNB network of trails.  This partnership began in 2014 when President, Jim McGregor, made a presentation to Council about the prospects of opening a QuadNB (formerly NBATVF) managed trail.  Council held a hearing of objections and proceeded with amendments to its existing by-law to allow this activity.  The project involved multiple stakeholders and significant improvements to the trail, which is shared with the current snowmobile club.

“This is a very popular recreational activity for members of our community and visitors alike.  More and more families are taking advantage of the opportunity to get out and explore our beautiful province this way.  We welcome all members of QuadNB and encourage riders to visit Oromocto and stop at our local businesses along the route,” said Mayor Powell.

The Mayor also stated that Council remains concerned about ATVs illegally using the Trans-Canada Trail near Hazen Park – by opening this trail, it is hoped that legal users don’t end up on trails that we are protecting for our walkers.

The trail will become part of the overall QuadNB network known as Trail 43 where it will link its 24,000+ riders to the Town.   To ride on the trail in Oromocto you must clearly show on the left-hand side of the vehicle a current club member sticker of any of QuadNB’s clubs or a member of any province in Canada having a signed agreement with the NBATVF.  Visit QuadNB’s website ( for a detailed trails map or to purchase a membership.  

ATV’s are not permitted on the TransCanada Trail in Oromocto except for the small portion that connects to the newly authorized trail near the former train bridge.  We ask riders to be mindful in that area and to please watch for pedestrians and cyclists as it is a shared trail.

If found operating an off-road vehicle in the Town (except for maintenance and emergency vehicles) on any other roads, streets, trails, etc., you may be subject to a penalty.  It is imperative that citizens report this illegal activity to the provincial Off-Road Vehicle Enforcement Unit at 1-877-449-2244 or and the RCMP at 1-888-506-RCMP (7267).   We ask that everyone follow the rules and respect everyone’s safety by driving on the authorized trail only.


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