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Notice to Residents of Oromocto West

  • 2016-09-27

During the evening of 27 or 28 September an airboat will be running on Depow’s Marsh near Oromocto West in efforts to band waterfowl.  This operation is part of a large banding program conducted across North America each year.  Information from this program is used to estimate the harvest and survival rates for various species of waterfowl.  Harvest and survival are vital pieces of information used in waterfowl management programs. 

The airboat will run from dusk until about 11 pm.  Operation of the boat can cause noise similar that that of a small aircraft depending on weather conditions and wind direction.  We attempt to minimize noise during the operation and have the boat out of the water around 11 pm.

The airboat operation on Depow’s Marsh also provides an unique opportunity to train students enrolled in an advanced Diploma in a Forest and Fish & Wildlife Technology Program on various techniques used in waterfowl banding programs.

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