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A Message from NBEMO

  • 2019-09-07

7 September 2019 - Notice to the public from EMO:
* It’s crucial New Brunswickers stay informed about the latest forecasts and adjust their actions accordingly.
* People need to be able to meet their needs for at least three days. A 72-hour preparedness kit is essential
* High winds are likely. Objects that could blow away and become potentially dangerous projectiles, such as lawn furniture, should be secured or taken inside.
* Power outages are possible. Residents who have a generator should make sure they have sufficient fuel and that it is in proper working order. Those who have a generator but have never used it are encouraged to read the instructions on how to operate it safely.
* Complete any essential travel and preparedness efforts early in the day Saturday. Once the storm begins, avoid non-emergency travel
* Drivers should avoid roads covered by water. Water may be deeper than it appears and may conceal sinkholes or other damage and debris.
* People living or working in coastal areas should remain vigilant about the threat posed by waves and storm surge. This is not the time for recreational boating.
* People should follow authoritative sources like NBEMO, or the Government of New Brunswick on Facebook and Twitter and share information from these sources on their social media accounts.
* Residents are also asked to listen to the advice of local authorities including police, fire departments and local municipalities.
* If you are in an unsafe situation or see someone in need of assistance, call your local fire department.

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