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2018 Budgets Approved

  • 2017-12-19

Town of Oromocto Council passed its 2018 Operating and Water and Sewer Utility Budgets on Thursday, 14 December 2017.  The budget priorities identified were two-fold: (1) fund existing annual maintenance costs and (2) save for major building replacements.  

Council will need to spend approximately $37 million dollars on new building replacements within the next 20 years.  The major building replacements include $7m for public works buildings (2017/18), $10m for a community center and library (2020), $15m for an arena (2025), and $5m for a fire station (2030).  

General Operating Budget Distribution

The General Operating Budget for 2018 is established at $17,912, 636, an increase of 1.1% from the 2017 budget.  The Town’s Community Funding Equalization Grant for the Province of New Brunswick has increased by 9.5% to $561,738.

The 2018 property tax mill rate will remain at $1.3851, which has been the same since 2015.  

The two areas identified for road re-paving in 2018 are Saint Lawrence Avenue between Restigouche Road North and Miramichi Road, and Huron Street.

Capital Budget(s) Distribution

Capital spending for 2018 totals $2.1 million.  Some of the major items include:

  • Gateway Wetland Boardwalk – Phase 2
  • Paving of Multi-Use Trail (Blackwatch Avenue to D’Amours Street)
  • Pumper Truck Replacement – Phase I
  • Fire Department Radio Communications Upgrades
  • Finnamore Street Extension (Installation of Subgrade and Storm Drains)
  • Truck and Plow Replacement
  • Water Main Replacements (Gardiner Street)

On the water and sewer utility side, there will be no change to water and sewer rates for 2018. The utilities capital budget of $1.2 million will be spent on water main replacements, panel and pumps replacements in two sewage lift stations and the installation of scrubbers in a third lift station.   In addition there will be upgrades to residential and commercial water meters to allow for remote reading.

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