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Business and Industrial Districts / Available Land 

Oromocto has a number of districts for development from its Industrial Park area in the East to its Central Oromocto Development district in the West.  In addition, we have residential lands available for future development!  We would love to talk to you about our land and space available to help grow your business. Let's start that conversation by contacting us.  We would love to hear from you! 


Black Watch Avenue
Zoning: Institutional/Commercial Development
Land Available: 36 Acres (14.6 Hectares) Potential
Land Cost: $3.40/Square Foot, 36 Acres (14.6 Hectares) Potential 
$148,000/acre      $366,00/hectare

Central Oromocto Development
Zoning: Integrated-Serviced, Potential Commercial Development & High Density Residential
Services: Water, Storm, Sewer, Underground Electrical
Land Cost: $3.25/Square Foot, 11.7 Acres @ $141,600/Acre
(4.8 Hectares @ $349,800/Hectare)

East Industrial Park
Zoning: Industrial; Light, Medium, Heavy
Services: Water, Sewer, Electrical
Land Cost: $2.25/Square Foot, 4.7 Acres @ $98,000/Acre
(1.9 Hectares @ $242,183/Hectare)

Gateway Business Park
Zoning: Commercial Transportation, Light Industrial
Services: Water, Storm, Sewer, Underground Electrical, Curbing & Paving
Land Cost: Lease Land (Negotiable)
100 Acres (40.4 Hectares) Potential Highway Commercial

Restigouche Road Business Park
Zoning: Transportation, Light Industrial
Services: Water, Sewer, Storm Electrical
Land Cost: $4.33/Square Foot, 3.7 Acres @ $188,600/Acre
(1.5 Hectares @ $466,000/Hectare)

Zoning: Single Family (R1) (R2) (R3) (R4)
Services: Water, Storm, Sewer, Electrical
Serviced: Lateral Connections at Property Line
Land Cost: $45,000 - $70,000/ Lot (Range)
Unserviced: Service Mains Accessible to Developers


Building Lots: 

Please click the following links to view the building lots the Town currently has for sale:
> Oak Meadows Phase I - Burnett Street 
> Smith Subdivision
> Oak Meadows Phase III - Doherty Court
> Campbell Court


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